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  Jordan Tourism Guide

Medical Sites
Dead Sea
Maeen Falls
Afra Falls
Jordanian Hammah
Therapeutic Tourism

So few are the places where man can find both physical and emotional healing together. Perhaps Jordan is one of these few places where physical ailments vanish along with emotional. Due to the gracious nature that has been bestowed upon Jordan with all itís healing resources from hot water, rich with minerals to volcanic mud to moderate weather and breathtaking natural scenery.

Jordan is considered one of the leading countries in therapeutic healing. For in addition to its natural healing resources from mineral-saturated waters and hot waterfalls and volcanic mud, it is also gifted with a lot of groundbreaking hospitals, prolific doctors that have established a well known status all over the world.

Natural Healing Areas

A lot of tourist sites are rich with mineral-saturated water and volcanic mud, which makes them healing spas that many ailing people come to visit. Here are some of the most important healing spots

The Dead Sea

his area is warm and sunny all year through, where the average temperature is 30.4 degrees Celsius. The rays of the wonderful sun in the Dead Sea are not harmful to humans in this area. As for the air, it is dry and saturated with oxygen. The Dead Sea is famous for its black mud that is highly rich with salts and minerals.
The waters in the Dead Sea have high levels of natural minerals, especially Calcium, Magnesium and Bromine. The unique blend of salts and minerals in these waters is one of the most important resources for natural healing that is supervised by specialized people at the available spas

Maíeen Falls

ifty-eight kilometers south of Amman lies Maíeen, 120 meters below sea level. Well known for itís spas and itís natural clinics that provide treatment for people with skin diseases, blood circulatory problems and bone, joints, back and muscular pains. For the clinics in the area also provide physical training activities.

Jordanian Hummah

l-Hummah lies 100 kilometers north Amman, it is one of the most vital therapeutic and tourist places in the area. A spa and some clinics have been established there to offer many services to the visitors of this area. A centre for respiratory problems and diseases is also available in addition to centers that provide treatments for skin diseases and diseases related to the nervous system and joints. On the other hand the Hemmah Hotel can provide lodging for those who wish to stay longer than a day.

Afra Falls

In the south of Jordan, 26 kilometers away from Al-Tafilah, the hot waters erupt from over 15 sources to fill the aura of the place with healing minerals. Experts say that this water in specific has tremendous power to heal infertility, varicose, anaemia and rheumatism. A centre for general services has been built next to the restaurant and natural clinic.


ordan has a exclusive medical network in both the public and private sector . Medical services in Jordan are well known for their novelty and the presence of some of the most important names in different medical fields. In Amman, the Jordanian capital, there is a large number of specialized hospitals that treat cancer, heart problems, optical diseases, infertility and family medicine in addition to other areas of specialization. Al-Hussein Medical City is one of the most respected medical centers in the region and world. For it holds a large number of the most important doctors and surgeons all over the world.